Kenya Foy
Updated March 02, 2017
Viral Hog /

If you have a hard time imagining the level of courage it takes to unhook a shark from a fishing line, then we’re right there with you. Listen, we try to find the positive attributes in all creatures, no matter whether they’re big, small or among the ocean’s toughest predators, programmed to terrorize seas worldwide (which is a basic rundown of every shark’s daily to-do list).

Fact is, nearly everything about sharks is terrifying, but for one guy who recently came to the rescue of a shark in need, his compassion and desire to help obviously outweighed the amount of sheer terror that had to be running through his body when he made his way down a beach to a huge fish that was tangled up in a fishing line on Jensen Beach, Florida.

In the clip that was shared by ViralHog, a guy can be seen grabbing a shark by its tail and pulling it from the surf while a few onlookers surround him and watch in amazement. Initially the fishing line isn’t visible, but then some equally brave individual places a camera directly in front of the shark’s snout to offer a better (albeit much scarier) view.

ViralHog /

After removing the line from the shark’s mouth with the assistance of someone who cut the line, Hero Shark Guy™ doesn’t merely sprint away in the opposite direction while fearfully flailing his arms. Oh no, he does the exact opposite of what your average scared (hey, no judgment) individual would’ve done and pulls the shark back into the water to safety.

Here’s the full clip below.

Unbelievable. We’re giving this guy a standing ovation for his brave, heartwarming act, but the appropriate staff member needs to go ahead and submit an advanced approval of his Human Application to Become a Superhero IRL.