Kathryn Lindsay
August 27, 2015 11:52 am

Everyone says that their proposal was magic — and they’re right! The feeling you get in your chest when you’re so completely in love feels almost otherworldly. But when London magician Neil Henry proposed to his girlfriend at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it really was magical.

The couple, Neil (who goes by @magicneil on Twitter) and his now-fiancee Charlie, have been attending the Fringe Festival every year since 2013, when they first met. Neil was in the middle of one of his performances when, after swallowing a glass of alphabet soup and a piece of string, he called his girlfriend up onto the stage.

At first, she was confused, but as Neil got further into his trick, she realized what he was up to and was absolutely blown away.

In a trick that has to be seen to be believed, Neil reaches into his mouth and starts pulling out a piece of thread that has been strung through the alphabet noodles. As he pulls, Charlie and the audience spell out what it is he’s written:

M-A-R-R-Y M-E.

Charlie immediately brought her hands to her mouth and teared up as Neil conjured up a ring (literally conjured — there was fire and everything) and got down on one knee. “Having you in my life is real magic,” he said. “And I never want that magic to end.”

The couple embraced as the crowd aww-ed. Charlie’s answer? “Of course I will!”

If this was the proposal, I can only imagine what Neil has up his sleeve for the wedding. I’m sensing top hats and rabbits galore, but the biggest magic will be the love in the air. Congrats to the happy couple! Or should I say, ta-da!

(Image via YouTube)