Jill Layton
August 06, 2014 12:23 pm

A guy, known only as “Brian from California,” decided to do a “social experiment” by asking girls if they want to have sex with him. He approached 200 girls in Europe and was very direct: “Hi, do you speak English? I think you’re cute. Wanna have sex with me?” It’s the sequel to “Asking 100 Girls for Sex (Social Experiment)”, where he asked 100 girls in the United States the same question, minus the part about speaking English.

Was this really a social experiment or street harassment with a Youtube filter? Judging by the responses from the women involved, the project was more offensive than “educational.”

Across the board, girls generally don’t enjoy being asked to have sex with someone they’ve never met. Some girls thought he was insane, others laughed and a few said no, but then apologized and gave him a reason for their decline. Others still threatened to slap him for being so rude. Surprisingly, one or two girls actually said yes, and you know what? No judgements here (though it’s unclear if they were just humoring the dude).

Most girls, however, were deeply offended. They told him he was being super rude, to which he responded, “Am I being rude. . . or romantic?” Rude. Definitely rude.

After his first “social experiment,” he turned the tables and got a girl to ask guys the same question. Perhaps not surprisingly, the majority of the guys were confused, but were more likely to say yes.

What have we learned here? Most girls aren’t willing to have sex with strange men, and in fact, being asked that kind of question may in fact border on harassment. If nothing else, it’s just really creepy.

Featured image and video via Guyism and Youtube