Guinea Pigs Get Their Glamour On

I’ve seen cats in tutus and puppies with pearls, but I never thought I’d see the day when a guinea pig would get pretty for a hay-slinging, yee-haw hoedown in a full-bodied, multilayer checked dress.

“Pet fashion is very popular in Japan,” said Japanese designer Maki Yamada, who was the first to capitalize on the void in the market. “Hundreds and thousands of dog clothes exist, but I had never encountered guinea pig clothes.”

Yamada’s line includes a fresh summer tank, a silk formal gown, traditional ninja attire and a straw hat with bouncy blond curls attached, a la Cindy Brady. Because if humans can get blow-outs and dogs can get dye jobs, surely every domesticated guinea pig deserves the chance to experiment with their looks too! Want to arrange a marriage between your furry lady-rodent and your brother’s Siamese Fighting Fish? No problem. There’s a wedding dress for that. She’ll be the bell of the Aspen-bedded cage in her custom-made, lace gown and rose-adorned veil. Just make sure she lays off the Merlot at the reception. While her marriage may be short-lived (Siamese fighting fish are notoriously aggressive), those stains are forever.

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