Sundi Rose
Updated December 17, 2014 5:42 am

Commuting has never looked as insanely cute as it does at the Nagasaki Bio Park in Kyushu, Japan. Each day these cuddly little guinea pigs move from one play enclosure to the next via a custom-made elevated roadway. Don’t let the rushing fool you, these guinea pigs love their new travel system because communing can be so stressful. Right?

With the roadways all laid out for them, these smart, little fur babies know exactly what to do. They shuffle from one destination to the next in orderly single file with very little pushing and shoving. When this Vine video surfaced a few days ago, the Internet uttered a collective “awww” and tucked away this unexpected little guinea-pig-inspired lesson about road rules.

Nagasaki Bio Park is one of Japan’s most hands-on animal refuges. Visitors don’t just stare at the animals through glass walls, they get to interact with them, allowing for a richer experience for both the visitor and the animals. Nagasaki Bio Park is also massive, taking up 300,000 square meters and serving as a home to more than 200 species. The bio park has adopted a very unusual ecological exhibition method and hopes to foster a symbiotic relationship between humans and animals.

This philosophy is what facilitates innovations like the guinea pig bridge, but also SO much more true animal awesomeness and species specific innovation. Basically, this is not your grandparent’s zoo.

Nagasaki is also home to one of few hot springs caverns dedicated solely to the capybara population. Capybaras are huge, furry rodents (some are four feet long) with cute little whiskers and a real jones for a hot tub. They’re also real, real cute.

Now, the capybara have their own grotto in which they can relax all winter long. Through trial and error, the employees discovered that capybaras prefer a full-on spa experience with citrus water and the works.

Other features of the park include a literal forest which houses all sorts of small wild animals, including indigenous reptiles, fish, and insects. This part of the park encourages everyone to be a student of the environment and hosts daily tours through the foliage. Sparknotes: get us on a plane to Japan because we are MORE than ready to take in on all of this awesomeness.

While you might come for the single-file guinea pig line up and the pampered capybaras, you stay for the personal experience of connecting with nature and our adorable animal friends. Of course you want stroll along a thick forest with a monkey on your head and hand feed a hippopotamus? Because why not?

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