Kenya Foy
January 06, 2017 11:19 am
Jade Reed /

Not that we needed it, but here’s further proof that grandparents are insanely adorable. When DJ Jade Reed shared his New Year’s Eve plans with his grandma, she had the cutest reaction, which he shared on YouTube. Much like those grandmas who couldn’t handle millenial slang, Reed’s Grandma GG appears to be at peak WTFness as she struggles to come to grips with her grandson’s all-night holiday work schedule, which required him to spin from 10 pm ’til 5 am.

Most of us would consider those pretty standard hours for someone who’s providing music for a New Year’s Eve party, but grandma couldn’t wrap her sweet little brain around it. We must say that her legitimately innocent confusion might’ve convinced us to cancel our gig and stay in for the night.


But hold up a sec…we don’t mean to put you on the spot, Grandma GG, but we are wondering why you’re so baffled by this all-night celebration. The history of the New Year’s Eve ball gathering in Times Square dates back to 1907, so partying the last night of the year away is hardly a new concept.

Then again, maybe granny’s squad from back in the day was tamer than most. We’re guessing she didn’t cross paths with anyone like this 78-year-old grandma dancing against a green screen.

Odds are that Reed’s grandma is genuinely shocked and not actually trying to pull one over on us. It’s a good thing Reed didn’t actually reveal plans for a wild and crazy NYE. We doubt his precious Grandma GG would’ve been able to handle it.