We’ve got a Game of Thrones spoiler for Season 6. So, stop reading if you want to remain completely spoiler free until the season returns next year. And now, we’re all completely spoiler free seeing as how the TV show finally caught up with the books, and now NO ONE knows what’s happening next. So, this is actually a spoiler for everyone.

Game of Thrones is currently filming for its next season, and their locations are scattered all around the world. One location happens to be Almeria, in Spain. This is the first time the show has filmed in Almeria, so literally anything could be happening there. Or, we could know exactly what’s happening there thanks to one little Tweet from the United States Ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain, James Costos, who also happens to be a former HBO executive.

The image he Tweeted is mostly people standing around watching some scene being filmed. But, if you look SUPER CLOSE at the image, you can see that there’s a small fire off in the distance (it is between the water bottle and the camera).

It’s highly speculated that Almeria is being used to film some Dothraki scenes, and last we saw Daenerys Targaryen, a whole bunch of Dothraki were closing in on her.

There’s another website, Los Siete Reinos, and they have another big picture of a potential Game of Thrones scene. Theirs shows what looks to be the structure of a building, that is either super dirty or has just been BURNED. By what? I dunno, maybe some DRAGONS? Could Season 6 bring the three D’s together: Dany, Dragons, Dothraki? (Maybe even four D’s, because Dany’s current dragon companion is Drogon.)

This is all still speculation, and as we are well aware, Game of Thrones doesn’t like to let any sort of spoilers slip (ahem, Jon Snow). But, this could tip us off to some beautiful dragon scenes next season. And we LOVE those dragons.

(Image via HBO.)