Gina Mei
May 07, 2015 1:53 pm

In honor of the birth of Her Royal Highness Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s new bundle of joy, Google has officially released the top-searched baby names for boys and girls across the United States. Utilizing data collected between March 2014 and March 2015, Google included searches for “common baby names” and “meaning of [name]” by state in order to put the maps together — and the results are absolutely fascinating.

Overall, the top-searched baby names for girls were Elizabeth, Olivia, and Emma (in that order); and for boys, Michael, James, and Avery (Nashville influence, anyone?). But don’t be misled by the heavy-hitters: while there were multiple names that were repeat favorites in two to three states, a quick look at the map actually proves that our taste in names is surprisingly diverse. Even more interestingly, we noticed that the top girl names by state were actually much more diverse than the boy names. For girls, only 17 of the states had repeat names; but for boys, it was 28 (which is not an insignificant number).

Check out the maps for yourself below — and we’ve included links to larger versions of the images so you can take a better look. It should be noted that these names aren’t necessarily the top used baby names, but rather just the ones that garnered the most online interest (aka whatever was Googled the most).


For more interesting insights into our search engine habits, we highly recommend checking out Google Trends. It includes everything from the most-searched books, to cocktails, to dog breeds, to reality TV shows, and more — it’s basically the world’s greatest time suck.

(Images via Google, Shutterstock.)