Lauren Saccone
Updated Mar 26, 2017 @ 12:20 pm
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Are you ready to start wearing your digital devices on your sleeve — literally? The newest style trend is going to be more than high fashion — it’s going to be high tech, too. Google and Levi’s have teamed up to create a jacket that combines the best of both worlds: wearable fashion with advanced technology. With the rise in popularity of wearable devices like FitBits and Apple Watches, this development comes as no surprise. And because the jacket is made by Google and Levi’s, it looks great and also puts you at the forefront of wearable tech.

The super high-tech denim trucker jacket, part of Levi’s “Commuter” collection for cyclists, is machine washable, and looks as chic and fashionable as anything you’d expect from the beloved denim brand. But that’s where the similarity to traditional denim jackets comes to an end.

Thanks to a piece of fabric — created with Google’s “Jacquard” technology — affixed to the sleeve, this jacket is going to do things that will put the rest of your wardrobe to shame. The fabric in the left sleeve will allow you to control mobile devices just by moving your arm. You’ll be able to answer phone calls, pause songs, get directions, and receive texts — all while looking fabulous.

If this sounds like the wardrobe addition you’ve been dreaming of, get ready: You’ll be able to buy the high-tech jacket come September. But you might want to start saving now, since the jacket will cost you around $350.

Hey, you had to expect all this fashion and technology to come at a price. But judging from the look of the jacket (not to mention all the cool features), we think it will be more than worth the investment.