Gina Mei
Updated Jul 28, 2015 @ 1:59 pm

I have a confession: I avoid going to Trader Joe’s on Monday nights. Like, avoid avoid. An employee once mentioned off-hand that it was their busiest time of the week, and I’ve since avoided it like the plague. Rather than spend the majority of my shopping time standing in line, I prefer to go when things are a bit slower (and not reminiscent of a certain scene from Mean Girls). And now, thanks to the Internet, we can get the inside scoop on busy times for all our favorite establishments.

On Tuesday, Google announced a new Search feature that shows foot traffic by time for millions of stores around the world. From coffee shops to local gyms. Search now tells you the prime hours to go if you want to avoid crowds, and it’s mesmerizing to behold. Check it out in action below!

According to Time, “The feature works by using anonymized location data from people’s mobile phones, much in the same way Google measures traffic congestion data.” So, yes, Google really does know where you are at all times — which is kind of creepy, but apparently has its benefits. (Think of all the time you’ll save, and all the ways you can spend it!)

Given how accurate Maps has gotten at estimated arrival times, we assume this new feature will probably be just as useful in our daily lives (if not immediately, then soon). Time goes on to say that the feature will work across all mobile phones, and should begin showing up over the next few days. We feel excited. We will also now be able to avoid the proverbial Monday nights at all our favorite places.

(Images via Google, Shutterstock.)