Another social media star has bitten the dust — and this one wasn’t even a real person to begin with.

Socality Barbie, the doll who makes your Insta-life look boring, is bidding farewell to Instagram as of this week. Darby Cisneros, the creator of the popular account, which gained 1.3 million followers since it first appeared in June, announced today that she was letting Socality Barbie and her perfect hipster life float away into the social media void.

In her post announcing the decision, Darby thanked her followers for opening a space for “a lot of great discussions” about authenticity and how we edit and curate our social media posts to present the best version of our lives, but said she believed that “SB’s work here is done.”

Socality Barbie was a hilarious bright spot in the filtered and vignette-d chaos that is Instagram, poking fun at all of the platform’s cliches and gently reminding all of us that our oh-so-original photos aren’t nearly as unique as we might want to think. Her perfectly framed snaps of beaches, autumn leaves, mountain views, lush forests, rain on the windows, pumpkin patches, vintage teapots and, of course, lots of photos of her feet on top of things subtly mocked many of Instagram’s most common (but still irresistible for many of us) trends. Her caption game was consistently on point, too, featuring gems like “I wonder if there will be Instagram in heaven? That way we can stay connected for all eternity” and “Could I be any more authentic?!”

Of course, there’s always the chance that cutting-edge Socality Barbie is just staying ahead of us all by jumping on the new “quitting social media” trend kicked off last week by Australian social media star Essena O’Neill.

In her farewell post, Darby promised to leave the account open for “a while” so people could still look through and get their last bits of inspiration from the posts, so maybe there’s still time to convince Socality Barbie not to leave us.

Otherwise, how will we ever know where we should stand to make sure the antlers are perfectly aligned behind our head?

[Image: Instagram/Socality Barbie]