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On Saturday, people all over the world took to the streets to stand for science in all its forms. But it wasn’t just people who protested against state and national administrations that fail to take science seriously. Dogs joined the March for Science too, and wow, they were cute.

The march focused on climate change and environmental issues, as well as evolution. Scientists are often pretty witty, so of course their protest sign game was on point! In addition to making their own signs, marchers got creative with signs for their canine counterparts. This is particularly appropriate because dogs have been instrumental in scientific discovery. Scientists use genomics to study dog DNA and learn more about human diseases. So thanks, dogs!!

Below, we found some of our favorite pups who are making their barks heard in the name of science.

This dog joking about fake news.

This Periodic Table dog.

This sled dog making an excellent point about climate change.

This black lab coming in clutch with a good pun.

This beautiful dog helping to hold a sign.

This cutie standing up for polar bears.

This dog that really appreciates The Weather Channel.

This adorable pup wearing march gear.

This dog that with its own lab coat!

Understandably, cats probably won’t march in any parades (unless they make up their own mind to do so), but they’re doing their part. Like this sweet baby:

Yay for pets!