Kitty Lindsay
July 22, 2017 6:00 pm
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Grab some tissues. GoldieBlox has done it again! This week, the children’s multimedia company behind a popular line of STEM-focused toys for girls and heartstring-pulling viral videos, like “Fast-Forward Girls 2015,” launched a new social media campaign called #BeLikeHer to inspire young girls everywhere to be anything they want to be, a la strong, fearless women like Serena Williams, Hillary Clinton, and the real-life women rocket scientists behind the film Hidden Figures.

In celebration of GoldieBlox’s latest campaign, the company released an inspiring (and adorable!) video recognizing the most powerful women in STEM, sport, entertainment, and politics today — as well as a few of their littlest admirers — and OMG, OUR HEARTS ARE BURSTING!

The video, which has already received over half a million hits, stars YouTube superstars JillianTubeHD and Heaven King as Princess Leia and Simone Biles, and features the smartest, sassiest, most hair-whipping-iest young girls the world has ever seen standing up, boogie-ing down, and owning the hell out of it all!

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Hidden figures? Hidden no more!

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These girls ain’t afraid of no ghost!

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Little Leia is giving us life!

“At GoldieBlox, we believe in the importance of role models to set examples for the next generation,” said GoldieBlox founder and CEO Debbie Sterling in a press release. “We want kids to participate in the celebration of these women, and understand that they have limitless opportunities, which is why we’re thrilled to have some remarkable young girls playing their heroes.”

This video has us wanting to be like these sheroes AND the young girls who portray them! Well done, GoldieBlox!