What is going on with Miley Cyrus’ new MAC ad?

Miley Cyrus —musician, former Disney actress, and polarizing celeb — is the star of a new MAC ad. The MAC Viva Glam spread features Cyrus with her legs up and leaning back with her hands behind her head. She’s wearing a bold pink lipstick and a sparkly black leotard. She looks gorgeous, as always —but all those things are not what people are talking about. Mostly, the Internet is talking about how the Advertising Standards Authority received enough complaints to consider banning it.

“Wait, that’s it?” you may be wondering aloud right now. “I’ve seen Miley wear, like, a hundred things crazier than this,” you may be also be thinking.

No, totally, us too, but apparently there were a lot of people who found this ad to be too explicit. The ad, which was displayed in the London Underground, has been described as “overtly sexual,” and “sexually suggestive,” was promptly lodged to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) — the watchdog group that deem whether ads are appropriate or if they cross a line.

According to Jezebel, MAC defended the ad, which is especially meaningful since it promotes their AIDS charity, saying Cyrus’ pose is “confident,” and posed with a “defiant stare.” Totally fair enough.

So, was the MAC ad banned for its hyper-sexuality? Well, no. As the Telegraph reports, the ASA just returned with their verdict. Though they agree that the ad was “sexually suggestive” and “seductive,” in the end they did not find that Miley Cyrus’ MAC ad broke any rules.

“[The ads] were not overtly sexual and unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence.” the ASA said in a statement.

But then there were also complaints that this ad was too risqué for children’s eyes, to which the ASA responded “Because the posters were sexually suggestive they were, therefore, inappropriate for general outdoor display and warranted a placement restriction of not appearing within 100 metres of schools.”

So, case closed — those ads are staying right where they are.


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