Hang this glitter leaves chandelier in your home for the sparkliest Thanksgiving ever


It’s never too late to decorate your home, especially when you’re going to DIY. If you’re throwing a Thanksgiving dinner, or even a Friendsgiving, this year, adding a little festive swag to your apartment will certainly make everyone feel comfortable enough to loosen their belt buckle or change into sweatpants for a day of non-stop eating.

This DIY glitter leaves chandelier will make any tablescape absolutely adorable. Fall is naturally one of the most beautiful times of the year, but it’s even better with a little glitz and glam. Get ready to give thanks for glitter.

Glitter Leaves Chandelier


Faux fall leaves (approximately 30-40)
Spray adhesive
Sealant spray (optional)
Metal hoop
Hemp string
Burlap string
Hot glue gun (optional)


1. Cover the surface you are working on.
2. Lay out the leaves and spray them with gold spray paint. Wait about 10 minutes until dry. Next, spray them with the spray adhesive and sprinkle glitter over them. When dry, shake off excess glitter and spray with sealant to lock in the glitter. Repeat on the other side of the leaves.
3. Cut 10-12 pieces of hemp string and tie 3-4 leaves to each string.
4. Cut 2 pieces of burlap string and tie them to opposite ends of the metal hoop. Tie both strings into a knot at the halfway point for a loop to hang.
5. Tie the strings of leaves to the metal hoop. To clean up the ends of each knot, cut them short and use a glue gun to glue the ends in place.

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