Men with glitter beards, we seriously love it

Maybe guys were getting jealous that girls were having all the fun with our awesomely dyed hair in a thousand different colors. Maybe they were all like, “hey, what can we do to join in on the fun?” Not wanting to get in on the mermaid hair trend, these dudes turned to the next best thing, which also happens to be one of our favorite things: glitter. And not in the hair, because glitter roots are already a week ago. So what better thing to cover completely in glitter other than their own beards?

Welcome to the future of facial hair. Glitter beards are now a thing and we’re on board with it.

This new trend, which actually started awesomely showing up on social media as a symbol of LGBTQA+ pride, is kinda like flower beards, but actually so much better. The idea is simple: cover your beard in a whole canister full of glitter, make it sparkle in the sun, love everything about it. It doesn’t matter how long or short the beard is, or even if it’s simply a close shave. All of them can do with a touch of glitter.

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There’s also no right or wrong way to rock a glitter beard. Every kind of sparkle works, whether it’s silver, gold, rainbow, or somewhere in between. Major points to the guy who put glitter stars in his beard.

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If you’re curious as to how the glitter beard is done, TheGayBeard has a nifty how-to tutorial. And arriving just before the holidays, hopefully this means we’re going to get a ton of different color combinations to celebrate the season. This glitter beard trend might actually be the gift that keeps on giving.

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