8 Glass Dildos and Sex Toys That'll Make You Feel Fancy

And they don't just look pretty—these eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and easy-to-clean toys offer some serious perks that buzzy toys just don't.
Jamie Harrison
Sep 17, 2020 @ 2:59 pm
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This article originally appeared on Shape.com.

Looking to glam up your sex toy collection? Nothing says sophistication like... a glass dildo. Glass dildos or glass wands can add an extra spark (and, might I add, smoothness) to your sex life. Often viewed as the underdog of dildos, glass wands offer an array of new sensations and experiences. Besides being visually stunning (who says 🍆 can't be art?), glass dildos also allow for effortless penetration and provide an ideal way to indulge in sensory and temperature play.

Now, I know what you're thinking…"Uh, what if the glass breaks inside of me (or my partner)?" Well, I've got (good) news for you: Many glass toys aren't really glass at all or are made with specially treated glass for durability. In fact, most are made out of acrylic, Lucite, or Pyrex (which is known for being sturdier than regular or untreated glass—think: Pyrex casserole dish!), a special material designed to withstand extreme temperatures and mild bumps, according to sex toy retailer Babeland. Others may be labeled as borosilicate glass, a type of glass that's more resistant to thermal shock—and thus less likely to break—than any other common glass. (Pyrex is actually a brand of borosilicate glass.) Many glass dildos (such as this collection of tempered glass dildos sold by adult store Ella Paradis) are not only beautifully crafted, but they're also thoroughly reinforced and shatterproof.

Designed in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes, glass toys don't have the type of bend and give that a silicone dildo has, but they do offer a sensation of firmness and rigidity (if that's your jam... literally) and can be used either vaginally or anally, depending on the toy. With the proper maintenance and care, a glass dildo can last a lifetime (unlike your favorite vibrator — which, yes, needs to be retired at some point). And, if you do ever decide to say goodbye, glass toys are recyclable, making them a super eco-friendly toy choice. Because they're made out of glass, they're super easy to clean (just use a mild antibacterial soap and water or toy cleaner, if you have any) and are also nonporous, which means bacteria can't permeate the surface of the toy. (Just make sure you clean it after every use and store it in a soft bag.) All these perks make glass dildos one of the safest and most sanitary types of toys to use, which is great for those with sensitive skin (🙋) or who are prone to changes in their vag pH balance.

Here's a tip that'll totally heat things up (or cool them off): Glass toys can be heated or cooled for a new experience, according to Ella Paradis. Unlike some other materials, glass toys are incredibly temperature-responsive and can serve as a great way to explore temperature play. Simply submerge your toy in either warm or cool water to change its temperature. You can even pop it in the freezer for a few hours. Word of caution: You shouldn't use extreme measures to quickly heat up the toy, says sexologist and sex educator Bianca Laureano, Ph.D., M.A., C.S.E.S. "Usually, glass toys should not be microwaved," she says. "This does not work well for glass and may lead to the toy shattering." As an added safety precaution, it's also important to test your toy's temperature on your arm before using it on yourself or your partner.

Because glass isn't flexible (especially when compared to silicone), some may assume that glass toys offer a limited range of sensations, but that is not the case.

"There are two things I love about glass toys," says Laureano. "One is how accessible they can be. Not only can you use them in various temperatures but also glass toys are useful on all parts of your body — not only on the inside. Because glass toys can hold temperature, they allow you to explore sensation all over the body and to redirect pleasure from being a genital experience to a full-body one."

While glass sex toys are often intended for internal massage of the almighty G and P spots, they also make for wonderful external massagers. Feel free to run it along your nipples, clitoris, butt, or any other of your hot spots during foreplay for thrilling sensations. You can even pair it with a vibrating toy (such as a bullet vibrator) for extra excitement.

Glass toys are also "a fantastic way to experience pleasure and explore for people who are disabled or who may be having an experience of a changing body," says Laureano. "This may be helpful for those who have recovered from COVID and still struggle with some sensation or any other chronic illness."

Why? Well, if you were suffering from any sort of external aches or pains, warming a glass dildo and then massaging it over the affected area can help to alleviate any aches or pains. Also, if you're having difficulty reaching orgasms internally, the weighty feel of glass toys can be used to apply firmer pressure compared to the softer and more flexible pressure that silicone toys offer. Additionally, because glass is nonporous and free of chemicals, they won't harbor any harmful bacteria (very important for those with allergies, chemical sensitivities, or reduced immunity). The glass coating is also soft to the touch and gentle on the delicate tissues of the genital area.

Finally, Laureano also admires glass toys because of their undeniable beauty. "They are oftentimes so beautiful to look at, as they are art in their own right," she says. (So no one may even notice if you leave it out on your bedside table.)

If you're ready to get your hands on a magical glass wand of your own, we've round a list of sleek and sexy contenders below.


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With a name like "Icicles," this beautifully textured glass dildo is all set for your temperature play exploration. It's made of borosilicate glass and thus responds well to temperature change. The blue swirls around the shaft are designed to create added sensations as the dildo moves in and out of your vagina or butt. The slightly flared base makes the handle easy to grip for insertion and removal (and also makes it safe for anal play), whether you're using it on yourself or a partner. To top it off (literally), the slightly curved tip can massage the G-spot (as well as the clitoris when used externally) with impressive precision. Add lube, and you'll be in for a slick treat.


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IDK about you, but I stan a gorgeous piece of art! The best part about the Luminous Glass Dildo is that each piece is uniquely hand-blown and it could *almost* double as modern art in your home. Crafted with a lengthy 10.5-inch handle, the Luminous offers reach for solo users but is also perfect for using with a partner. Made from nonporous and hypoallergenic glass, this toy gives you complete control over how deep you want it to go. With a pronounced orb aimed for the G-spot or prostate, this seamless glass shaft offers hours of toe-curling pleasure.

Ella Paradis

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Elegantly designed for both vaginal and anal penetration, the Chrystalino Doubler is the perfect toy for introductory temperature play. Its classic design coupled with the supreme functionality (gotta love a twofer!) will surely add some much-needed sparkle to your toy collection. With nearly 6.7 inches in length, this dildo is easy to maneuver and perfect for beginners — start with the smaller side and size up when you're ready, or reserve one side for vag play and the other for anal. Made with borosilicate glass, this wand is shatter-proof, body-safe, non-porous, and compatible with any lube. Since it's waterproof, you can also take it with you in the shower or bathtub (but, obv, be careful!). (Related: 10 Waterproof Vibrators for Solo or Partner Shower Sex)

Ella Paradis

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If you're thinking of testing out the BDSM waters, then this may be the wand for you. With a whip on one end and a glass dildo on the other, this toy can double your pleasure in one purchase. It's made with borosilicate glass that's non-porous, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. On one end, the glass shaft is great for external or internal play, with smooth and bulbous curves that act as a sensual massager. On the other end, you can tease your partner (or yourself for that matter) by gently — or intensely — flogging their bare skin with the faux leather whip. Christian Grey will have nothing on you once you break this baby out during your next sex sesh. (P.S. You can also buy it on Amazon and order it alongside your next refill of TP or coffee.)


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If you're looking for more sleek penetration, the Spartacus piece offers a realistic phallic shape and texture (veins and all!) that may contribute to a more familiar yet fun experience. Its ever-so-slightly curved shape allows you to explore and enjoy all of your inner hot spots. With a comfortably tapered tip and thick shaft, this dildo is ideal for G-spot and P-spot seekers. Made from durable borosilicate glass, this toy measures almost 8.5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter, with a 2.5-inch base for grip and harness use. With a 4.3-star rating and hundreds of rave reviews on Amazon, the Spartacus is perfect for anyone looking to toe into the glass sex toy arena. (Here are more dildos you'll want to add to your collection.)


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Looking for a simple yet elegant-looking butt plug? While it may look intimidating to some, its naturally mushroom-shaped tip actually makes penetration easy (and enjoyable) — especially with anal lube to help ease the way. And, important: The plug's flared shaft safely anchors it outside your body. (BTW here's more on how to use and pick a butt plug for beginners.) The narrow neck makes it easy to hold the butt plug in place whether you're having sex or, you know…shopping for groceries. Still hesitant about experimenting with plug love? Rest assured that this hand-crafted toy comes in two sizes, small (4.1 cm) and large (4.6 cm), so you can always start small and ease your way up. Go ahead and bless your bum with this upscale golden-colored plug!


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This glass dildo is not for the faint of heart... or booty! The five (count them, five!) solid bulbs of glass deliver an impressive feeling of fullness and are ergonomically crafted to stimulate the nerve endings in your butt. That said, you could totally use this for vaginal penetration as well. Just remember: Clean it between uses and between penetrating anally and vaginally! While it may look quite intimidating — it measures at 11 inches long! — you don't need to insert the whole thing to get a satisfying experience. This dildo is made of shatter-resistant glass and each of the five links on the shaft is smooth and shaped for a comfortable insertion. With a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, the Drops Anal Link is made with completely solid borosilicate glass and is compatible all types of lube. Whether it's warm or cool, you'll be able to feel every nub and bump for super intense arousal. If you're feeling up to the challenge, give the wand a sexy spin!


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Like many of the other toys on this list, the Unbound Gem (short for Gemini, named after the twin zodiac sign and the toy's dual-ended nature) is made from non-porous, hypoallergenic, borosilicate glass. It features one curved end (designed to help you reach those internal hotspots) and a beaded end, so you can play with them both and find out which ~pushes your buttons~. While there are only five reviews so far on Amazon, they all give the toy a five-star rating; plus, the 203 reviews on Unbound's site give it a solid five stars as well. Its small size (with 5 inches of insertable length) and variety of uses make it a great beginner glass toy. One reviewer writes: "Gem is my first glass toy, and she makes me wonder why I’ve waited this long! The angle hits just right ;) and has transformed my solo time."