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Updated Jul 13, 2016 @ 3:15 pm
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Ugh, dating. Amirite? We’re not talking about romancing or relationshipping, we’re talking about trying to make plans to “grab a drink” with some random from a dating app.

Dating is a damn struggle and we feel you.

If this is you when you hear the phrase “go on a date:”

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Then this post is for you.

1. It’s honestly hard to make time for dates AND TV shows and tbh, TV will never not text you back. So….

2. They shouldn’t even call it dating, they should just call it “people eliminating.”

3. Tbh, celebrity fantasies are like, way better than real human interaction.

4. Who has the patience to try out all those dumb tricks matchmakers claims will help you find love? Touching his leg? Pouting your lips? Who can be bothered?!

5. Also, is there an option to say “I’m already a Queen” when people ask why you don’t like dating?

6. Also, dating profiles. Like, why are so many of them so cray?

7. Let’s talk about the odds of dating. Math says, “Don’t do it.”

8. Let’s be real, you can watch two Game of Thrones episodes in the time it takes to go on one date. That’s just good time management, people.

9. Because you’re not here for dating as an excuse to get a free meal. You date for ~sparks~ and nothing less!

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10. Because you have no time for these games!!!

11. But mostly, THIS.

If you don’t like dating, so be it! Carry on!