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Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, and Bernie Sanders all have this in common… they use Snapchat. But lately, it’s becoming more popular than ever with millennial females, according to a recent YouGov report. Since January, it’s been increasing in popularity among the 18-to 34-year-old women. And do we blame them? Creating snaps is addictive. Over 400 million (!) snaps are made each day by all users, and the uber popular app has approximately 100 million daily active users, even more than Instagram (which has about 180 million).

But why did all of this happen so suddenly in January? This isn’t just a blip on the radar, as Adweek’s chart below shows. Steady growth of female users can be traced as far back as September of 2015, but numbers jumped nearly 10% at the turn of the new year.

Credit: Yuliya Kim / Snapchat / Adweek

“At first, millennial men were using Snapchat to communicate with friends, capture funny moments and share inside jokes,” Lauren Berger, founder of Intern Queen, told Adweek.

With more and more celebrities and political candidates using the platform, more of their audience—like Gen Y females—wants to follow them through the app and see what they’re up to.

Yes, some people may need more practice… And still others wish their parents would stay off the app.

But all in all, we like the more-millennial-females-on-Snapchat trend, as we’re obviously fans ourselves.

And now, for some Snapchat-related humor just because, none of us can forget this sketch from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, starring none other than J. Lo.