Eliza Gold
Updated Sep 18, 2016 @ 6:49 pm
Credit: Shutterstock

Beyoncé (and Shakespeare) once said, “I am a women and when I think, I must speak.” Let those be guiding words for all of us women out there. Or, if Beyoncé’s preach doesn’t do it for you, maybe Zoë’s list of rules and regulations will!

A fifth grade girl named Zoë just came through on speaking her mind, and not only is Twitter loving it, but Zoë’s words are truly inspiring. And hilarious.

Last week, twitter user @WhosDenverJones tweeted out a picture of Zoë’s list of rules and regulations for a boy named Noah who has a crush on her.

Seriously, Noah better stop getting behind Zoë with all that playing and foolishness or else she’ll get her fake mom involved and have to go to counseling.


No updates yet on whether or not Noah has adhered to Zoë’s list of wants and demands, but her young awareness to know exactly what she wants and how she would like to be treated is a welcome reminder to us all: Speak up and roar! false