Sammy Nickalls
August 30, 2015 1:11 pm

We all know the crazy cocktail of excitement, nerves, and butterflies that go hand-in-hand with a first date. Getting your perfect look down pat is one thing — after all, you want to wear something cute-yet-comfortable that will make you feel confident and like the fabulous lady you are. But as you’re applying makeup, you can’t help but think about all the “what-ifs.” What if your date tries to kiss you? What if your date ends up being a total jerk? And that’s exactly why it helps to have a BFF there to support you and talk you down from all that nervous mind-chatter, perhaps while doing your makeup.

Cosmopolitan decided to pair up three women who were about to go on a date with three little girls who were chock full of advice (and some pretty intense makeup application skills). And, as you’d expect, the results were absolutely adorable. They had some beauty tips. . . like five-year-old Nina, who was determined to give a makeover that will make her “you know, like Barbie, you know!” Lulu, a very sage five-year-old, gave a dose of important wisdom while she was giving her makeover. “I think you should not wear something itchy,” she said. Indeed, Lulu. Indeed.

But the girls also had something to say about the inner-workings of their grownup friends’ dates, as well. Some of the advice was not-so-applicable to our everyday lives, but adorable nonetheless — for example, Lulu, who thinks it would be a good idea to say “I love you” immediately, or six-year-old Judith, who says, “If he’s really nice to you, you should marry him.” Ah, hopeless romantics.

Some of the advice was hilariously no-nonsense. Judith gave her adult bestie some straight talk when asked if she should Google her date. “I think that’s kind of ridiculous,” she said point blank before turning back to her makeup kit. And when asked if she should text her date emojis only, Judith said, “Don’t do that. He might not understand.” Getting to the core of the dating lyfe.

But they also delivered some seriously legit advice that was refreshingly honest and untainted by societal pressures. When asked about who should make the first move when it comes to the first kiss, Nina said, “Do whatever you want!” YAAAS. Don’t feel any pressure to kiss or be kissed — if you want some smoochin’, go for it, and if not, don’t.

Check out the entire video for yourself, because it’s absolutely adorable. Maybe I’ll ask Judith, Nina, or Lulu to help me out on a future first date.

(Images via YouTube.)