Karen Belz
Updated Dec 20, 2017 @ 3:12 pm

When you’re in college, the temptation to skip class is pretty high. But next time, when you’re trying to figure out if your time is better spent watching Netflix or learning about the history of cinema, maybe you should give your television a break. A student named Ann Mark detailed the worst final exam experience ever, and a lot of it happened because she skipped a few classes this semester. We’re just so glad that she seems to have a sense of humor after everything that went down.

Before moving it onto YouTube, the University of Texas student posted a video on Twitter about how her first final went. And from the very beginning, it was pretty much a nightmare. For one, she forgot to buy blue books for her essays, which is a final exam must-have. Luckily, at that point, she still had a small amount of time — but not much. “You have to go and buy special paper so that your professor can read it, because apparently they’re illiterate when you write on notebook paper,” Mark joked. She sprinted over to the co-op, bought two blue books, and went back to her class. Crisis averted, right?

Mark texted a friend from her class who said she was in the same room as her. But when Mark looked back, she realized she didn’t see her friend — and, even though she hadn’t attended the class in about a month, she didn’t recognize anyone.

Trust us, it gets worse from there.

As expected, she was in the wrong classroom. She didn’t know that exams were held in different buildings, and thanks to her friend, she realized that theirs was in a building called Hogg.

Mark then ran straight into a window while trying to relocate herself to the Hogg building as fast as she could.


But that’s not all. Mark then realized that there’s a difference between the Hogg Auditorium and the Hogg building. Guess which one she was at? You guessed it — the wrong one.

But luckily, the story somewhat has a happy ending. Mark reached her final exam in time, even outracing the Google Maps walking estimate between the auditorium and the building, and wrote an essay on the importance of Napoleon Dynamite.

So, next time you have a nightmare final, just remember Mark’s tale — it could always be worse.