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“I feel like it kind of makes you want to try harder when people say no.”

Ruhy Patel is a wise young lady. Pahel works with Girl Up, an organization comprised of 5,000 teenage girls over 66 countries. As reported by NPR, Girl Up works to raise money to support the education of girls all over the world. NPR reports that there are 62 million girls who either cannot afford to go to school or do not have the legal documentation to do so.

That’s where Girl Up comes in. According to their website, the organization is the leading global community for changing policies and raising money to support girls in need of a means to education. Supporting girls is honestly one of the most necessary movements in not only our country, but in our world. Part of the beauty of Girl Up is that it’s teens helping other young women—mostly adolescent girls—so they’re in touch with the pulse of the community they’re serving and the issues they face on a daily basis. Going to school is only a part of it. Girl Up works to help girls receive health care, live a safe life, and become properly documented to gain their basic rights.

Girl Up wants you to know that you “believe to be heard.” The organization works to influence public policy and the legislative process to ensure that girls all over the world have a brighter and bolder future.

The young women within the organization are working hard to fight against the inherent discrimination of girls across the world. Every girl, no matter which country they are from, deserves an education, health care, and the right to be what they want to be. We’re thrilled that this organization exists to teach young women about supporting each other and to give more girls the opportunity to thrive.

To learn more about Girl Up, check out their website.

Image via Girl Up.