Karen Belz
November 27, 2017 8:21 am

A fair warning — this story might make you shed a few tears. Even though he passed away while his daughter was only 16, a father sent flowers and a card after his death for a number of years on her birthday to help remind her that he loved her dearly. Unfortunately, the annual gifts were sent to expire after she turned 21, which happened this year.

Bailey Sellers shared the final note from her father Michael on social media, and as expected, it blew up. Probably because it’s such a sentimental and meaningful gift that likely made the rest of her teen years a little easier. Michael passed away from stage four pancreatic cancer back in 2012, but made sure to make time to prepay for flowers — and write heartfelt notes — that his daughter would continuously cherish.

Still, Sellers admits that the whole thing is a little sad. “Ever since my dad passed away I’ve hated my birthday and I dread it every year because he always made it so special,” she said to The New York Post. “I was especially dreading my 21st because I knew it would be the last year.”

While it’s a shame that Michael chose this year for the tradition to stop, she ended it by letting the world know that she had a great dad.

Her tweet also inspired others to come out and discuss the pain of losing a parent at a young age.

In the note, Michael gave some incredible advice to his daughter.

We can imagine this birthday meant a lot to Sellers. We’re just so glad she decided to share her story, and let the world find out how loving and thoughtful her father was — even after his passing.