Quenlin Blackwell
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Apologies to Gisele Bündchen, Katy Perry, Sofia Coppola, and Kim Kardashian, but they’ve all just been demoted from their top spots on the “Met Gala Best Dressed List.” Quenlin “Queen Quen” Blackwell didn’t get to attend the event — but that didn’t stop her from creating her own Met Gala in her living room and, if you take a quick look at her photos, you’ll understand why Blackwell was clearly the best dressed woman of the night.


The Met Gala is all about creative couture — and, with not one but multiple outfits, Blackwell totally slayed it.

Proving that blankets can be totally chic attire

Credit: quenblackwell/Twitter

Baskets make the best hats

Credit: quenblackwell/Twitter

Brooms are the new “must have” accessory

Credit: quenblackwell/Twitter

Goblets really complete the look

Credit: quenblackwell/Twitter

Forget about the regular old Met Gala — next year, we want an invite to Blackwell’s living room event.