Teri Wilson
October 31, 2015 1:39 pm

Adorable little Josie Butler was diagnosed with leukemia in June of 2013. After nearly two years of treatment, she’s currently in remission. Earlier this week, Josie’s school celebrated Super Hero Day. We have to say, that sounds like a pretty amazing holiday. What kid wouldn’t want to go to school dressed as Batman, Wonder Woman or one of the Avengers?

Josie, that’s who. When it came time to choose her costume for Super Hero Day, she opted to go as herself. Because what takes more courage and bravery than fighting cancer? Um, nothing we can think of. A cancer diagnosis is a very scary thing, even for adults. For a kid, it’s got to be especially terrifying. But Josie’s fighting that battle every day, and she’s winning. Way to go, Josie!

Alyssa Butler, Josie’s mom, shared photos on Facebook of the special costume, complete with a cape decorated with pink princess castles and a purple lightning bolt. She captioned the album with Super Josie’s super power, which is “Destroying Cancer One Day at a Time.”

We can’t help but be inspired by this amazing little girl. Maybe if we ever have the opportunity to dress up for Super Hero Day, we’ll go as Super Josie, too!


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[Images via Alyssa Butler on Facebook.]