Tyler Vendetti
May 06, 2014 7:00 am

Imagine this: you’re sitting on your couch on a rainy Friday night flipping through Tinder profiles while simultaneously clicking away all of the OKCupid visitor notifications, hoping to stumble upon the love of your life, or at least a summer romance. With each swipe left, you grow more and more anxious about your dating life, until you finally throw the phone across the room and give up relationships forever. Well, what if you could avoid those shattered dreams and iPhone screens? What if the perfect boyfriend was right there at your fingertips?

One Instagram user has attempted to answer that very question. MeAndMyBoifriend has dedicated her entire Instagram account to documenting her life with her unnamed imaginary boyfriend. Whatever she wants, she gets, simply by penciling her lover into her Instagram doodles.

Sound crazy? It shouldn’t. The profile was made in good fun and is still a few notches below Spike Jonze’s Her on the “inappropriate relationship with technology” scale. However, her experiment raises some interesting ideas: what are the pros and cons of having a Snap-Doodle Boyfriend?


He will cater to your every need.

Need someone to go skydiving with you? Bring DoodleBoi (which is how I will refer to doodled Snapchat boyfriends from now on). Looking for a dashing date to prom? Snuggle up to DoodleBoi in those cheesy group photos. Want to go to the movies alone and not feel totally insecure about it? Draw DoodleBoi into the seat next to you. If you do it enough…well, he’ll still be imaginary, but at least you got out of the house and did things you wanted to do.

He’ll be just as nice, witty, chivalrous, and nerdy as you want him to be.

As any Joss Whedon fan will tell you, Dollhouse was a show cancelled before its time. The show revolved around the use of “dolls,” humans that could be programmed to fit any number of personalities or skills. MeAndMyBoifriend has taken this idea to the next level using clever hashtags and captions to mold her imaginary boyfriend’s persona.

He can grow old with you.

Like Jesse Tuck or any Simpsons character, DoodleBoi will never age, allowing him to happily live out your final days with you. It’s a perfect 21st century romance.


He can’t protect you or comfort you when you need.

Got a bad grade on a test? Lost your favorite pair of earrings? Got dumped by your real boyfriend? DoodleBoi can do a lot of things, but he can’t hold you in his arms and tell you it’s going to be okay, no matter how much you may want him to.

He’s a doodle.

We can’t ignore the elephant in the room forever. Your DoodleBoi is not real, at least, not in a physical sense. You can’t actually bring him to black tie events as your plus one or hang out with him at uncomfortable family gatherings. (What else are boyfriends for, anyway?)

So here’s the question of the day: what would your ideal Doodle-Partner be like? Or “real” partner, for you non-artistic folk.

Featured image via MeAndMyBoifriend’s Instagram page.