Do you ever see a Halloween costume and you’re just like “How….? What….? THAT’S AMAZING!” Well, we’ve found the top contender for that award this year. There’s a pair of HUGE life-sized wings that you can wear on your back and impress everyone you have ever met. The best part is that these wings actually move. But they’re not a flying toy, so keep that in mind in case you get any grand Icarus ideas.

Alexis Noriega has created a pair of giant wings that she wears on her back like it’s no big deal (it’s a big deal). She runs the Etsy shop The Crooked Feather (and its Facebook page) that makes handcrafted wings and feather accessories. Most of them appear to be all costumed pieces, like angel wings, and bird wings, in styles like ravens and phoenixes.

For Halloween this year, Noriega completely outdid herself and made set of pneumatic wings. Pneumatic wings being real working and flapping wings that are controlled by compressed air at the touch of a button (think, Disney animatronics).

Noriega posted a video to her YouTube page showing exactly how the wings work, and you can hear the air pressure releasing each time they fold in and out. The only word to describe them is amazing. She makes all of these herself, and yes, you can buy them if you really want. This pair will only set you back $2,500.

In the video, she promises a tutorial on how to make the pneumatic wings. We’re going to need that ASAP. Even though it’s probably very difficult to make working pneumatic wings, Noriega makes it look ridiculously easy. Congratulations on winning Halloween forever.


(Image via YouTube.)