Christina Pellegrini
April 10, 2016 7:11 am
Warner Bros. Television

As if we weren’t excited for the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival enough, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino had to throw some sexiness in there for good measure.

From a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, it sounds like Amy has given a lot of thought to the format of the series. While actor Kelly Bishop loves the idea of a full-length film, Amy was leaning toward the idea of a series, but something that didn’t air on network television. “We wanted to do it off-network and without commercials so we didn’t have Supergirl flying through,” she told EW.

So what does Amy want? Turns out, both, inspired by none other than the Benedict Cumberbatch-fronted BBC  series.


“I’m massively into Sherlock and what I love about Sherlock is the format is longer than an hour,” Amy continued. “They’re their own little mini-movies. It felt like a format that would work well for us on a storytelling level and as writers we would enjoy delving into.”

If you think it’s all too good to be true, Lauren Graham corroborated the theory, telling Entertainment Weekly: “We were having lunch, and that was where [Amy] really laid out what her thought was about it … talking about the model of Sherlock as both the amount of time and also the way they do specials.”

Amy was also swayed by the idea that viewers can watch the show without having to see former episodes — so anyone interested in hopping on the Stars Hollow train doesn’t have to worry that they’re seven seasons behind.

“We wanted to do something that broadened it in a sense,” Amy said to EW. “We weren’t interested in doing something that was ‘just for the cool kids.’”

What could be better than a whole series of movie-length GG episodes? Well, maybe if Benedict joined the cast as a special guest…