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Though there were many scenes that made us cry during the Gilmore Girls revival — you know the drill, SPOILER ALERT — there was one specific interlude that was like a rainbow amidst our raining tears. And that specific interlude, friends, was none other than the resurrection of the Life and Death Brigade.

When those three gorilla masks appeared like a light in the foggy darkness (something we never thought we’d say), we found our hearts beating along to the tune of “With a Little Help from My Friends.” We found our mouths suddenly forming the words “In Omnia Paratus.” While Logan, Colin, Finn, and Robert were there, everything felt OKAY in Rory’s world (and also a little bit like she fell down the rabbit hole, right?).

Fortunately, our time in Wonderland isn’t yet over, guys…

Because the actors behind our favorite secret society had the foresight to capture some behind-the-scenes footage for Instagram.

Robert (aka Nick Holmes) has us bawling and also proud and also marveling at his incredibly sexy voice.

Robert (sexy voice Nick) and Finn (Tanc Sade) then take us for a brief tour on a Stars Hollow rooftop.

And yes, it is amazing.

Featuring Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Logan (Matt Czuchry), this clip filmed by Colin (Alan Loayza), shows us exactly what it was like driving down memory lane.

Giddyup, tigers, indeed! (Of course they would cause a ruckus.)

We saved the best for last, guys. Prepare your tissues!

“Get over here, Matty.” 😭

Might as well… (I mean, we’re already crying.)

And with that, all we have to say is: You jump, I jump, Jack! ☔️