Rachel Paige
April 12, 2016 3:27 pm
Warner Bros

Stars Hollow can’t just be all poodles, and daisies, and coffee all the time now, can it? Even though for us it’s probably the most magical place in the U. S. of A., for it’s residents, it just became the location of a major Gilmore Girls lawsuit.

Here’s what’s going on: One of the shows original producers is currently suing the new revival for compensation. Gavin Polone worked as an executive producer for the show, and is credited with producing all 153 episodes of the series. However, he is not involved in the new episodes coming to Netflix in the near future. With that being said, he’s still looking to be paid for the new episodes, citing the original contract he had with the show during its run on The WB, and then later The CW. That contract said he’d be paid for all episodes of the show after 2000.

While, yes, it does sound like Palone is owed some money  — even though he’s not involved in the revival, remember — according to Netflix and Warner Bros., and reported by Deadline, this new revival is not a “continuation” of the original series, but rather an “extension” and isn’t technically a “TV show,” because it’s on Netflix. With this jargon in the mix, Palone might have no claim to any future GG money.

This suit was filed on Friday, and Palone is looking to have to actually go to court with a jury, seeking damages of at least $195,000. What he really should do is take his argument to a Stars Hollow town meeting, and just let everyone fight over it while Taylor tries to keep court.

The revival is already in production — in case you didn’t know and weren’t already freaking out about them — and hopefully this lawsuit doesn’t hinder anything with the show, or shooting the show, or us watching the show on Netflix and crying our eyes out. Stay tuned.