Christina Pellegrini
Updated June 18, 2016
Warner Bros. Television

In an unexpected turn of events, it appears that literally everything we thought we knew about the Netflix revival Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life could potentially be a fraud.

Take a second to feel shocked, hurt, confused…or maybe all of the above.

GilmoreNews recently caught up with Jackson Douglas, the actor that plays Jackson Belleville on Gilmore Girls, to talk about his experience filming the next chapter in the series, and what he said truly shocked us:

“They shot red-herring scenes. The shot stuff that isn’t going to make it, as a misdirect in case of leaks. Whole scenes or ending of scenes…there are very select people that know the whole story. I’m not one of those people!”

A red herring is typically some bit of information meant to lead people astray, and in this case, it seems like they’ve definitely succeeded. It turns out the producers of the series were so concerned with keeping everything hush-hush that very few of the actors know what the true storyline is: Pages were restricted, scripts were watermarked with the actors’ names.

In the Gilmore bosses’ defense, there are a TON of actors on set — both familiar and new — so we can’t really blame them for wanting to play it safe.

But we’re just itching to find out what happens! Please, Amy Sherman-Palladino, if you can hear us, send us some sort of sign…