Credit: Twitter

Don’t mess with Gillian Anderson, because she will fight back with a vengeance in the best way possible.

Recently, Daily Mail published a lengthy deep-dive about Gillian Anderson, specifically, dissecting her “impossible” youthful exuberance. Because Gillian looks absolutely amazing — so amazing, in fact, that the Daily Mail apparently doesn’t think it’s possible and must be due to Botox. Not that there is anything wrong with Botox —what IS wrong, is to assume this of a woman just because she looks great. See, if women age “badly,” they’ll be torn apart, but if they age well, it must be a trick.

But Gillian called out the Daily Mail on Twitter, saying simply, “If it weren’t so sad, this bollocks would have made my day.”

YAAAS, Gillian, YAAAAAAS. Gillian’s fans were also there to support the actress, and called out The Daily Mail for their statement:

It’s so important to highlight the intense scrutiny and dissection of women’s appearance and age (and men’s appearance, too!) — especially in Hollywood, where celebs are constantly in the spotlight. Which is why we’re glad Gillian Anderson is pushing back against those ridiculous pressures and expectations.