A magazine cover Photoshopped this part of Gigi Hadid’s body, and people are not okay with that

If there’s anything that’s an absolute certainty in life, it’s that Gigi Hadid *always* looks stunning.

Unfortunately, when Gigi uploaded her latest Vogue China cover to Instagram, her fans noticed something: Her cute little stomach moles were Photoshopped into oblivion.

In this Instagram, you can clearly see Gigi does, in fact, have moles on her tummy:

And commenters were *not* happy about this development:

They also noted that Gigi seemed to have been “whitewashed,” her skin looking noticeably paler. “The magazine white washed her smh look at the actual photo [sic],” one commenter wrote.

Which begs the question: Why did Vogue China feel the need to do this? Were Gigi’s moles and her tanned tone considered faults? We’re over here shaking our heads.

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