Eva Recinos
Updated Dec 13, 2016 @ 2:16 pm

We all follow at least one or two friends on Instagram who constantly post gorgeous shots of their latest voyages. For the travel-loving person, each trip can lead to so many different adventures. Whether watching the sunset from the highest point of a stunning city or sinking their feet into the sands of a faraway beach, our travel-loving friends sure know how to satisfy their their case of wanderlust.

So while you can’t always join your bud on their next adventure, you can definitely get them a gift or two to make them feel like they’re always on your mind. For the friend who always has the best stories to tell during reunions, here are a few useful (and cute) gifts.

This adorable and SUPER useful travel bottle set.

Credit: Forever21

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A fun laptop sleeve to keep their tech protected.

Credit: Society6

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A travel journal for them to preserve all their memories.

Credit: Etsy

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This super chic sleep mask, so they can doze off peacefully.

Credit: Etsy

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This whimsical duffle bag.


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A super cute and slim mobile charger.

Credit: Urban Oufitters

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Happy travels, friends!