Olivia Harvey
December 02, 2016 11:11 am

We all have that one friend who “can’t stay out too late because they have work in the morning,” or “will be late to dinner because they can’t get out of the office on time.” Some who have been known to use these excuses resent them. But others love being attached at the hip to their desk. They love waking up early, grabbing a hot cup of coffee, and hearing the chime of their computer starting up. They love paper and pens, and organizing and decorating the knick knacks on their desktop. Lucky for us, there is an endless plethora of desk and office-related things we can buy them during the holiday season.

So for those of us who love someone who can’t seem to leave their desk, we have the perfect selection of gifts to give them that will tell them that you get their obsession.

1. The ban.do Power Bank

This little ditty is perfect for the friend who takes her work with her – coffee shops, libraries, parks, her tiny apartment kitchen that doesn’t have enough outlets. The ban.do power bank offers two USB outports and is compatible with Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Your friend can charge, charge, charge so she’s never without her technology!

Buy it here for $45.

2. The YETI Rambler Bottle


You care for your over-worked friend and want to make sure she stays healthy and hydrated. That’s why you need to get her a YETI drink container. This 32 oz sample is made to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold – for a super duper long time. It’s No Sweat Design technology keeps condensation away, so no more wet papers and water glass rings on her so-called pristine desktop. These babies were made to be used by cowboys, so we’re thinking your rough-and-tumble buddy with a desk job is no match for the YETI.

Buy the Rambler Bottle here for $49.99.

3. The Black Cat tape dispenser

Lord please guide us for we have lost our way, having been distracted by this tape dispenser. This oh hello friend wooden creation holds a roll of your friend’s favorite washi tape that she uses to hang up very important notes and pictures, or a roll of regular scotch tape. Heck, pair it with the “stick it with paper” tape set from ban.do, and you’ve got yourself a great Secret Santa package.

Buy the Black Cat tape dispenser from ban.do for $14.

4. Mini Cinema Lightbox

My Cinema Lightbox

When you can’t be there to give your work-obsessed friend words of encouragement, gift them this mini lightbox sign so they can push through the pile of data that must be entered. This customizable sign can fit on any desk and can literally be the light at the end of a long day’s tunnel. “#Yes I Can!” is right! Your friend can change the letters out to express a new emotion every day.

Buy from My Cinema Lightbox for $29.99.

5. The Renoir Diffuser

Gardener's Supply Company

Aromatherapy can really help calm the nerves of a frazzled friend. This Renoir Diffuser from Gardener’s Supply Company is not only really pretty, but it fills any given room with your choice of scent. Pair this gift with one of the Organic Essential Oils the Company sells to create a package deal. “Lavender soothes the senses, Lemon enlivens the spirit, Peppermint revives and energizes,” the website claims. Pick one that will help your friend work efficiently and enjoy her day while doing so.

Buy the diffuser here for $12.95. And check out the Gardener’s Supply Company’s selection of oils here, each are sold for $12.95.

6. Strawberry Mouse

What can make working at your computer even more fun than it already is? Using a Strawberry Mouse! This piece of modern technology can be connected to a laptop or computer by way of USB on both PCs and Macs. It’s not a necessary computer tool to own, but it sure does look cute and must be fun to use!

Buy it from ban.do for $10.

7. Space Cats Fleece Blanket

Aren’t all office spaces just giant refrigerators? If your friend constantly complains about losing feeling in her fingertips while typing away due to the AC blasting from the vent above her desk, she might appreciate something to keep her warm. This Space Cats blanket from Zazzle just might do the trick. Not only will your friend be wrapped in fleece goodness, but she’ll also get a good laugh, mid-day, when she pulls it out from her bottom drawer.

Buy it here for $32.35.

8. “The Daily Bitch” Daily Calendar

Amazon / Ed Polish / Ephemera

Even if you love your job, a little extra spice in your day isn’t going to hurt. “The Daily Bitch” Daily Calendar adds a little humor and a little sass to one’s office space with daily quotes like, “Being this emotionally unavailable takes a lifetime of practice.” Funny! Tear off a page every day for a new source of female empowerment to get you through the mid-afternoon slump.

Buy it on Amazon for $10.78.

9. The ban.do 17 Month Classic Agenda – Girl Crush

Sometimes writing things down helps one remember their to-do list better. That’s why keeping a physical agenda makes life go so much smoother. This 17 month Girl Crush agenda is filled with cute stickers and inspirational quotes that will make the day-to-day grind even more enjoyable than it already is.

Buy it here for $20.

10. Wireless Panda Speaker

Urban Outfitters

Listening to music really gets the brainwaves going. Listening to music via this wireless panda speaker will only amplify you or your friend’s work ethic. He’s bluetooth compatible and provides music lovers with three to four hours of music. And he’s teeny tiny so you can bring him anywhere – the break room, the conference room, or the bathroom if you absolutely want.

Buy him at Urban Outfitters for $28.

There you have it! A hefty list of must-haves for any desk dweller. Bring a little fun and happiness to your friend’s office space and they will have themselves a very happy holiday.