Ashley Rey
Updated December 12, 2016 7:26 am
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With just two weeks until Christmas, many of us are pressed to grab those last minute holiday gifts for loved ones. But, what if your loved one has a very specific interest…like, anything outer space or galactic related? Don’t fret! We’ve totally got you covered. We scoured the web and found a few astronomy-themed gifts for your fave intergalactic girl that’ll be sure to keep you in her good graces.

Check out our 10 gift ideas for a the gal pal in your life obsessed with outer space, below! Trust us…you won’t be disappointed.

1Outer Space Nebula Nail Wraps

You can grab these for $21, here!

2Galaxy Space Umbrella

Custom Umbrella /

And you can get this for $15, here!

3Handmade Galaxy Soap Bars

TailoredSoap /

You can grab one for $8.99, here!

4Astronomy Journal

ChanceryLaneDesigns /

You can custom order one of $50, here!

5Crescent Moon String Lights

Grab these beauties for $28, here!

6Planet Lollipops

You can get a pack of these for $30, here!

7Decorative Celestial Glass Sphere

Grab this for $34, here!

8Pink Galaxy Pillow Cover

geographyhandmade /

You can get this for $30, here!

9Mercury Necklace

SunAndStarsJewelry /

Grab it for $21, here!

10Meteorite Section Scarf

And get this for $65, here!

We’d suggest throwing in a pair of Rogue One tickets to top off the epic present, too! She’d totally love you to infinity and beyond.