Elizabeth Entenman
November 15, 2018 12:25 pm
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It’s that time again: Time to do your holiday shopping. From nieces and nephews to the little ones you babysit to your own children, chances are you have at least one kid on your this year. Kids are hands-down the most fun people to shop for, but they can also be the most difficult if you aren’t already submerged in the kid world. What’s an age-appropriate gift for a toddler? Do preschoolers like science and engineering? And what, pray tell, do teenagers like these days? If you’re feeling a little lost about what to buy, don’t worry. These gifts for kids are sure to be a hit.

We came up with fun and creative gifts for kids of all ages: newborns and infants, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary-aged kids, and even teenagers. Because, in case you don’t know, there’s a big difference between what a 2-year-old plays with and what a 4-year-old plays with. Honestly, we wish these gifts had been around when we were kids, because they’re that fun. The best part is these gifts for kids will make parents happy, too. Trust us: You’re going to get an adorable handwritten thank-you note for these.

Gifts for newborns and infants

Make their first holiday season extra special.

1. A set of books about feminists


It’s never too early to learn about feminist artists, pioneers, leaders, and activists.

2. A floral footie

Little Birdies Boutique

So soft, so cute, and so cozy.

3. A set of milestone blocks


These will help parents get the perfect shots for the ‘gram now and in years to come. The rectangle says “Weeks,” “Months,” “Years,” and “Grade.”

4. An interactive book


It’s an activity book and a playhouse in one.

5. A “My First Christmas” ugly sweater


They only get one first Christmas. Make it count with an ugly Christmas sweater.

Gifts for toddlers

Kids aged 1-3 years are growing and learning so much, and these gifts foster that. (Plus, they’re just plain fun.)

6. A rainbow dot beanie

Little Birdies Boutique

We wish this came in adult sizes, too.

7. A set of crayons that work in—and on —the bathtub


No more bath-time tears here.

8. A Teddy Ruxpin bear

He’s back! And this time, you won’t have to fuss with pesky cassette tapes.

9. A set of wooden musical instruments


Kids love musical toys. (Sorry about your ears.)

10. A plate that makes eating vegetables fun


Sometimes, it’s okay to play with your food.

Gifts for preschoolers

Not to play favorites, but kids ages 4-6 years old are SO fun to shop for.

11. A pair of dinosaur claw slippers



12. A unicorn robot kit


Unicorns aren’t for everyone, so there are bunny, puppy, fox, and dinosaur robot kits, too.

13. A coin-grabbing cat bank


What an adorable way to teach kids to save money.

14. A coding set

This activity set makes learning the basics of coding fun.

15. A wooden camera

It’s the perfect gift for the budding artist on your list.

Gifts for elementary-aged kids

We wish these gifts had been around when we were kids.

16. A pom-pom making kit

It makes tassels, too.

17. A build-your-own video game platform


Kids can build a game on the board, then actually play it in the free app.

18. A Wonder Woman Lego set


She even comes with a golden Lasso of Truth.

19. A Disney-themed board game


It’s fun for the whole family.

20. A lip balm-making kit


For the budding beauty guru.

Gifts for teenagers

It’s not easy to impress a teen, but these gifts will hopefully do the trick.

21. An assortment of cute cord protectors


Thanks to these little critters, frayed phone cords are a thing of the past.

22. An instant camera


It’ll be an instant hit.

23. A marquee lightbox


Not only can they make it say whatever they want, but it also changes colors.

24. A stylish stationery set

Everyone needs a break from social media sometimes.

25. A clip-on selfie ring light


Everyone knows the key to the perfect selfie is the right lighting.