How to wrap a present with only one piece of tape

OK, so you’ve bought all the gifts you need this holiday season. Congratulations! No more braving the bustling malls for you! But, of course, you know that’s not the end. You still have to wrap every single one of those gifts. Ugh.

One of the most annoying things about wrapping is the tape — not just because it SO OFTEN ends up sticking to itself somehow, and then you have to toss out that piece and get a new one — but because it often takes so much tape to wrap everything up. That can be particularly obnoxious when you realize you’re low on tape and don’t want to go back out and brave the holiday traffic to go get more.

Well, luckily, Slate has the answer: A super quick, painless way to wrap a gift with only one piece of tape. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s legit! Here’s how you do it.

1. Cut a piece of wrapping paper that is twice as wide as your gift.

2. Make sure the wrapping paper is facing the wrong way up, then put the gift in the corner at an angle.

3. Fold the corner of the paper over the gift.

4. Fold the left corner towards the center.

5. Fold the top half of the wrapping paper entirely over the gift so that the top is covered.

6. While holding the paper in place, flip the gift over.

7. Fold the right corner towards the center.

8. Then, fold the top corner towards the center.

9. Then, use that one magical piece of tape to seal.

Voila! A beautifully wrapped gift with just one piece of tape. Merry Christmas, one and all! Check out the full video below.

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