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Your 20’s can be a magical time filled with self discovery, travel, romance, mistakes, triumphs, and once in a lifetime experiences. But, if you’re approaching your thirties you may notice a lot of changes going on. Finding that staying up until 3am Thursday through Sunday while being a functioning human is nearly impossible? Join the club! Notice that you’re more excited than you ever thought you could possibly be about home decor? We’re right there with you! In honor of that era known as “The Late 20’s”, here’s a collection of gifs that perfectly describe these marvelous and mysterious times are like!

When you’re out on a Saturday night and midnight strikes you’re like:

Working without caffeine goes something like this:

And working with caffeine goes something like this:

When you were in your early 20’s and bae asked you if you wanted to go out at 10pm on a Friday night you were like:

Now when bae asks if you want to go out at 10pm on a Friday night you’re like:

Monday’s feel like:

While Friday’s feel like:

Hearing about yet another engagement/wedding/baby announcement on Facebook kind of makes you want to:

Putting on sweat pants at the end of a long day got you like:

Getting older can sometimes make you feel like:

But owning your age feels like:

At the end of the day remember this: you’re only in your 20’s! YOU’RE SO FLIPPIN’ YOUNG! You don’t have to be anything but yourself or do anything that anyone is doing on any time schedule other than your own. Don’t let these changes get you down. Embrace them! You may wonder if you’re getting boring or lame. You’re not. You’re getting more mature and in touch with what makes you happy. Like staying in a Friday night? Don’t think that’s not OK. It is. Just be you and enjoy the ride, because you’re awesome.