Rachel Charlene Lewis
August 25, 2016 1:16 pm
Instagram / Hayden Zezula

If you’re into anatomy and art, get ready to have your mind *blown* because this art is perfectly creepy, and also perfectly beautiful. Hayden Zezula, aka Zolloc, is a ridiculously talented visual artist and animator who regularly posts his gifs to Vine and Facebook. They are eerie in the best way, and totally unique.

Here are some of our favorite pieces by Zolloc:

1. This pointy piece

Um, ow.

2. This geometric work


3. This killer backflip

We could totally do that (Kidding — we 100% COULD NOT).

4. This furry pal

So sad.

5. And this one

Love the colors!

6. This eerie dance

Not gonna lie. We’re a little creeped out.

7. This pink perfection

All about the pink.

8. These wiggly orbs

Super cool.

9. This trippy piece

Wow, wow, wow.

10. These bizarre heads

Doesn’t get weirder than this.

11. This lovely work

Seriously talented.