Bridey Heing
Updated April 20, 2015 3:47 am

Growing up, Thom Malone of Windsor, Canada, had a serious concern. It would keep him up at night as he agonized over just one question. But now, Thom has found a way to answer that question and put his mind to rest. The question: “Do enough people truly love Nicolas Cage?” And to figure it out, Thom has put together a Kickstarter to back his building a mural of the man himself.

But this isn’t just any giant mural of Nic Cage. Thom’s mural will be made up of 180,000 tiny pictures of real people, making it the world’s largest mosaic by about 4,000 pictures. The record is currently held by Transitions Optics, but Thom knows who that honor should truly go to.

“If aliens were to ever come to earth, they would need to know who our ambassador is. How best to show aliens that we want peace, but also not to mess with us than with a giant mosaic made up of a million faces to create one giant Nicolas Cage face?” Thom asks on his Kickstarter site, and I for one do not have a better suggestion.

The campaign went live on April 6, and in the first ten hours he’d already raised 12 percent of his $41,647 goal. Today he’s sitting at just over 50 percent, with $24,729 raised.

The money will go to putting together the amazing rewards backers can get (a Nic Cage-as-cupcake t-shirt? Nic Cage coffee mugs? Yes, please and thank you), and securing a site for the mural.

There’s also one special top level backing level reserved for Nic Cage himself, just in case he feels like helping make this dream come true. But Thom knows that getting close to Nic Cage could be a challenge.

“My last challenge will be to toe the line between my professional and personal friendship with Nicolas Cage. Although I don’t know him yet, I’m anticipating him reaching out to me to ask if I would like to co-star in his next film with him. Of course my instinctual reaction would be to say yes, but then what about the fulfillment of my obligation to humanity by making this mosaic happen? This new movie would take up so much of my time. Like, I’ll probably have him over dinner to further discuss the role and if it would be a good fit, but I can’t just promise I’ll say yes. I hope you all understand the burden I am taking on here…”

But it’s not just money backers are being asked to give. Along with a donation, backers are asked to submit one photo to use in the mosaic mural, so Thom needs at least 180,000 people to get behind him. There are only 16 days left before he needs full backing, and the mural is expected to go public on Labor Day this year. If you want to back the project and be a part of the giant mosaic, you can make a pledge and then send your photo to with your name in the subject box.

Ambitious? Yes. A little crazy? Maybe. A worthy tribute to Nic Cage? Absolutely.

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