Stephanie Hallett
Updated September 12, 2017 1:13 pm
JW Marriott / Foodbeast

If your ultimate dream vacation includes clear pools, a desert breeze, and a giant, 10-pound donut delivered straight to your hotel room — you’re in luck. The JW Marriott resort in Palm Desert, California just launched a room package that includes a massive sweet treat delivered by a designated Donut Dispatcher (best job ever?), appropriately called the “DoNut Disturb” package.

For just $219 per night, you’ll get a room at the Coachella Valley hotel (sorry, Coachella tickets not included!) along with the 3-feet wide, 1-foot tall donut, covered in a millennial pink sweet cream frosting and colorful sprinkles.

Have you ever heard of anything more Instagrammable?

JW Marriott / Foodbeast

The massive confection isn’t actually fried like a traditional donut (boo), but it is made from some tasty-sounding ingredients. It’s crafted from layers of Tahitian vanilla cake and raspberry jelly, and it’s covered all over with fondant to give it that donut-y look.

Your room rate also includes a collection of milkshakes (to wash down all that cake), as well as a $50 credit towards the spa, dining, or a round of golf. Did we mention the package is ~kind of~ luxurious?

The resort introduced the promotion over Labor Day weekend, and debuted a 100-pound version of the donut during a “Sugar High Happy Hour” for long-weekend guests.

JW Marriott / Foodbeast

That option is available for guests booking the “DoNut Disturb” package. If you really want it, just be sure to give the kitchen a heads up so they can prepare the massive feast (a great late-night snack option for your bachelorette party, perhaps?).

The package is available from the hotel until April 2018 — so start planning your sugar-high vacation now.