When Australian Brokc David went hiking in rural Queensland, he unintentionally became a part of his very own ghost story.

As he was walking through the woods, the man passed by a watering hole that’s known for being the location of several grisly deaths. Suddenly, according to a Toowoomba Ghost Hunters’ Facebook post, he felt as though he was being “watched.” A sense of dread reportedly overwhelmed him and followed him for the duration of his hike in the national park.

Later on, when he went to review the photos from that day, he noticed something unusual: a shadowy figure, dressed in red, staring at him from behind a pile of branches. “Bare in mind this is the middle of bushland,” wrote the Toowoomba Ghost Hunters. “It’s rare to see something so large and ‘red’ and other Hikers would be dressed differently.”

Unfortunately, it seems that David’s ghost story hasn’t yet reached its conclusion. “Oddly enough I’ve been experiencing a similar feeling of dread every once in a while over the last week,” he wrote. “I’ll be walking down the street and all of a sudden feel like something is about to jump out at me from behind a tree.”

After the image was posted to Facebook, others have been confirming its authenticity. One woman saw several other spirits in the snapshot—stating that if you focus, you can see them, too. Another claimed that right after he viewed the photo, he felt a sharp pain in the side of his head, making him believe that the red-clad man experienced a similar injury before he died.

Here’s another image from Toowoomba Ghost Hunters which has, this time, been inverted:

Whether or not the image is authentic, one thing’s for sure: if you’re going hiking, make sure to bring a buddy (preferably one who has experience dealing with all things supernatural. Maybe Bill Murray?)

[Images via Facebook]