As the premiere of season 6B of Pretty Little Liars gets closer and closer, we are getting more and more excited to see what’s in store for our four favorite dolls. Rewatching old episodes in preparation has us wondering: how do the liars always have the best hair ever, even though they are constantly on the run from invisible, terrifying enemies? Well, after much research and Internet stalking, we have some answers. Here are some tips on how to channel the PLL’s fabulous hair dos:


Yes, ‘A’ played hairdresser and chopped off poor little Aria’s gorgeous long waves while she was sleeping in the Dollhouse, but it looks like Miss Montgomery grew to prefer her blunt bob – she’s still sporting it in previews for season 6B. Luckily, you don’t have to get kidnapped and tortured by a controlling cyber-stalker to get this style.

The Cut: According to Lucy Hale’s hairy godmother, Kristin Ess (who is also responsible for Lauren Conrad’s locks and, this is a “textured bob that clears [the] shoulders … with softened bluntness on the bottom.” She recommends bringing pictures of Lucy’s cut to your stylist if you’re going for a similar chop.


The Magic: Using a ¼” curling iron, curl your hair in three horizontal sections. Here’s the Beauty Department secret: alternate the direction the curls face in each section – the first should be away from your face, the second toward your face, and the third, which will be the part that shows the most, should curl away from your face. Voila! Ezra won’t be able to resist.


Nothing says, “I went to Georgetown,” like a fresh pair of bangs. Spencer’s new fringe shows that she’s grown up, over Toby, and probably hiding debilitating PTSD. But aren’t those the reasons any of us decide to get bangs?

The Cut: Ask for your bangs to be cut so that they fall below your eyebrows when wet, and right at eyebrow level when dry. Specify that you’d also like some longer pieces at each end of the bangs to frame your face and avoid ending up with the same style you had when you were five.


The Magic: FYI, Troian Bellisario did not actually cut her hair for Spencer’s flashforward transformation. If you don’t want to deal with bangs every day (or the arduous process of growing them out later), you can achieve falsies two different ways. You can maneuver the front section of your hair to give the illusion of bangs (here’s an awesome tutorial), or try clip-in extensions. Throw on a Burberry trench coat, and you could totally pass as the third Hastings sister.


How does Hanna always have such amazing, California beach waves all the way in Rosewood, Pennsylvania? She’s pulled off virtually every shade of blonde and every different length possible. Future Hanna’s hair is a gorgeous icy blonde that sparkles as much as the giant engagement ring from her mystery fiancé.

The Cut: In this case, instead of opting for a snip snip, you’ll need to grow your hair out past your shoulders. Keep your strands super healthy by sleeping in coconut oil hair masks once a week and being careful with hot tools like straighteners and curling irons. If you’re too impatient to Rapunzel-fy your hair, take a leaf out of Ashley Benson’s book and add some extensions for length.


The Magic: Whether you’re wearing your hair or someone else’s, beach waves are just a few steps away. Blow-dry wet hair, but use your fingers instead of a round brush to achieve some texture and natural wave. Use a 2” curling iron on very small sections of hair, alternating between curling the ends and leaving them out of the heat. Again, ditch your brush and comb through with your fingers. Add some sea salt spray for that classic Marin piecey-ness.


Emily’s hair is as perfectly messy as her love life. In the upcoming season, her mane is windswept and wild. Could it be an indication that her life in Malibu isn’t all fun in the sun? Whatever it means, her hair is full on Amazonian goddess, and we want it!

The Cut: Long. Layers. Em’s hair is crazy long, but it’s very styled. Lots of lengthy layers give hair bounce and keep it from becoming heavy and dull. Remember to ask for shorter pieces in the front to frame your gorgeous face.


The Magic: Hello, heated rollers. Roll all of your hair away from your face using the biggest rollers you can find. For that star of the swim team tousle, place the curlers at the center of each section of hair and wrap the ends around from there. This will keep the end results loosey goosey and gorgeous. Finish off by sprinkling texturizing powder at the roots and flipping your hair into a deep center part.

If none of these options appeal to you can always fall back on the classic A look: just tuck all of your hair into a black hoodie and you’re good to go.


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