Get It Now: Personalized Mini Superheroes!

Admit it, you’ve thought about what it would be like to be a superhero. You probably even know what your superpowers would be. But do you know what you would actually look like as a superhero? Other than when you occasionally strut around the house in a cape and matching tights, obviously.

Well hold onto your invisible jets, because you can now have a mini-you as a superhero action figure! A company called You Kick Ass just launched and has already surpassed their goal on Kickstarter.

The concept was created by two girls and one guy: Alesia Glidewell, Keri Andrews, and Douglas Jordan. And for those of you Portal fans out there, Alesia is Chell! How cool is that? If you haven’t played Portal or Portal 2, I highly suggest you drop everything right now and go play it (seriously.) Chell is regarded as one of the best female characters in video games because she represents a non-sexualized, highly-resourceful protagonist that fights the sinister GLaDOS (another female.) Alesia created You Kick Ass to reflect the same strength as her character, whether it’s man, woman, or child.

These action figures are made to look like you!

They’re 3-D printed based off of your personal photos and the creators also send your action figure with your very own superhero identity, detailed by a comic strip that describes your superpower (and how you became a superhero) on the outside of the box.

Head over to the You Kick Ass Kickstarter and see if you can lock in the last few female superhero perks. I’m tempted to create an entire superhero task force based on my friends and family (totally normal, right?

Photo Credit: You Kick Ass

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