Kenya Foy
February 04, 2017 1:34 pm

Putting a dog in a room with some birds will more than likely lead to fur-and-feather-flying chaos, right? Some might say that sounds like a reasonable assumption, but this German Shepherd watching over a flock of baby quail would wholeheartedly disagree. Based on his super cute interaction with these tiny, precious birds, Thorin the German Shepherd most certainly possesses the charming characteristics of all the Very Good Dogs™ we’ve come to know, love and rely on for the occasional pick-me-up.

In the brief clip, Thorin can be seen behaving like an amazingly cooperative animal in mixed company. First, he hovers from a safe distance while his baby companions go about their business engaging one another with high-pitched squawks. Then he does what dogs do when they’re trying to survey the situation: He casually sniffs them before apparently determining their non-threatening status.

Now, we got a wee bit nervous when we noticed Thorin licking those chops (these newborn birds just so happen to be doggie bite-sized), but that’s just our jaded human minds working overtime.

As it turns out, Thorin is completely harmless, at least when it comes to birds. That’s because he’s used to hanging out with them on the regular. For real, Thorin and birds go way back.

They hang out in the garden.

And even fight over food.

Thorin even duck-sits.

SIGHS. This dog and its bird companions have us feeling a glimmer of hope inside. It’s undeniable proof that not all things in the world are bad, especially not as long as we are privileged enough to live among dogs like Thorin.