Chelsea Duff
Updated Jan 28, 2017 @ 4:40 pm
A copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Credit: Reddit user /u/ukdanae

A lot of strange things have been found in hotel rooms. Ask a hotel worker and you’ll hear the craziest stories about things people left behind. But when most of us go snooping around our room, we just find a bible tucked away in a bedside drawer. One Reddit user, though, found something different.

When Reddit user /u/ukdanae checked in to his hotel in Germany, he found a copy of the UN’s declaration of human rights.

In a comment, /u/ukdanae explained they found the booklet on the desk, next to an office lamp, in their room. According to them, the copy was provided by Amnesty International and printed for Human Rights Day.

As fellow commenters explained, bibles aren’t exactly standard to hotels. Most hotel room bibles are provided by Gideon International, an organization founded in 1898 by two traveling businessmen. When new hotels open, Gideon International provides them with enough bibles to stock each room — and a few extra, just in case.

It seems like Berlin’s Mandala hotel decided to go in a different direction.

It’s never a bad idea to know your rights as set out by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And with all the strife and conflict in the world, it seems like a better idea now than ever.

Sure, most people won’t read any literature left for them in a hotel room, but we think this gesture is awesome.