I’ll often go back and watch some of the Disney movies I grew up with and be a little bummed about the messages that I was being sent. For example, finding a hot boy is more important than being able to speak your mind (The Little Mermaid), or being a woman almost always means you’ll be a damsel in distress, (Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Snow White), or that gender roles and sexuality aren’t fluid and diverse.But what if we just swapped the genders? How would the messages in the movies change?

Well that’s the question one Tumblr user asked—and answered. A Tumblr user under the name Let There Be Doodles took old Disney film favorites and flipped them on their heads, just by messing with the gender of some of their characters. And the greatness has to be SEEN to be believed.

(That’s probably just because The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie.) But this depiction of Jasmine is just as great.

Let There Be Doodles actually had a couple of ideas on how to alter Aladdin.

And Let There Be Doodles isn’t just doing cool stuff in regards to gender bending in Disney. They also featured a whole series on making the typically very slender characters curvy.

AND even had a slew of animations bent on making Disney more racially inclusive, and in some cases, more racially accurate.

We can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

(Images embedded via Tumblr, featured image via Disney)