Gender-neutral baby names have become increasingly popular in recent years. If you’re expecting your little one this year and have yet to figure out a name, there are many creative options to choose from regardless of gender. Because according to one expert, it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

“Back in 2015 we named gender-neutral baby names as our number one trend for the coming year, and that trend has really exploded,” Linda Rosenkrantz, co-founder of Nameberry, tells HelloGiggles. “A couple of years later, we did some data research that showed how dramatic that rise has been, with boys getting these post-gender names just as often as girls.”

For instance, the name Harper, which was once considered a “boy’s name,” is now one of the more popular names for girls. Same goes with Avery and Riley. Nicknames like Charlie are now being used evenly across genders. According to Rosenkrantz, there’s greater acceptance of gender-neutral names than ever before. “Part of the whole movement towards a gender-fluid environment, the new ideal for many parents are names that transcend gender identity,” she says.

So here are some gender-neutral baby names to give your little one born in 2019.

1 Berkeley

Once considered a “boy name,” this name of English origin means “where birches grow.” It’s also a fun option if you’re looking for a California-inspired name.


Briar is another name of English origin that means “a thorny patch.” It’s a fairly popular option for both boys and girls, but it does rank a little higher for girls on Nameberry. You can even change up the spelling to Bryer.


Campbell is a name of Scottish origin and often makes Nameberry’s list of “Cool, Unique Unisex Names.”


Dakota is a name of Native American origin and means “friendly one.” According to Nameberry, it’s a name that’s now used both equally between boys and girls.


Eastyn or Easton is of English origin and means “east-facing place.” It’s a cute name that’s growing in popularity.


Emery is of German origin and means “industrious.” It’s a great gender-neutral option to names like Emma or Emily.


Finley is a name of Irish and Scottish origin that often ranks on Nameberry’s popular names chart. Finlay, another variation of the name, is also one of the most popular gender-neutral names.

8 Journey

Journey is a name of English origin. According to Nameberry experts, it’s a “new word name” that often appeals to parents who like the idea of a spiritual voyage.

9 Justice

Justice is a name of French and Latin origin. It’s a great “virtue name” that doesn’t have any religious implications like Faith or Grace.

10 Laken

Laken is often used as a variation on the name Lake. It’s a great choice regardless of your child’s gender.

11 Ramsey

Ramsey or Ramsay is of English origin and means “low-lying land.” It’s a name that’s growing in popularity, especially for girls.

12 Revel

Revel is a name of English origin. It’s another “word name” that may appeal to parents looking to express how their little one makes them feel.

13 Skyler

Skyler or Skylar is a popular name of Dutch origin. While Skylar is commonly used with girls, Skyler is used evenly between boys and girls.